It is really very easy to take online language lessons. We show you in four steps, how it works:

1.  Registration:

  • Fill in our contact form or send us an email.
  • Indicate the times of your choice and chose the language that you want to learn.
  • You will receive a response by email.

2.  Grading:

  • You will receive a grading test by email.
  • Fill it in ans send it back to us by email then.

3.  Payment:

  • You will receive an invoice for the first four weeks of tuition by email.
  • Please pay the invoice and send us a confirmation of payment by email then.
  • The tuition can start now.

4.  Tuition:

  • Register at Skype.
  • Add our teacher to your Skype contacts.
  • You will receive a call by Skype at the assigned time.
  • Activate your webcam if you prefer to have eye contact.